New Year, New Sales Driving Plan

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At LSMGuide, our #1 goal is to help restauranteurs and retailers drive more sales!

LSMGuide provides proven ideas and actionable programs you can put to immediate use to drive your business. Local Store Marketing (LSM) is the way many big, successful brands (like Starbucks Coffee Company) got to where they are today. It’s about connecting your location to your customers, your neighborhood and your community. It’s not about spending big dollars on advertising campaigns.

Well executed Local Marketing drives all areas of your business… sales, customer loyalty and employee engagement/retention.

Launched in Spring 2013, LSMGuide is fueled by two long-time local marketing experts, Shannon Jones and Paul Williams. Together they have more than 40 years experience creating marketing and sales strategies for Starbucks Coffee Company, The Disney Company, Panera Bread Company, Seattle’s Best Coffee, and others.


To kick off 2014, we’re featuring the Top 4 Sales Building Ideas for ’14. AND LSMGuide is giving the gift of three-month memberships to help 14 businesses build their New Year New Sales Driving Plan.


Winners will be announced and emailed February 10th.

Get more details on Membership and visit LSMGuide blog for immediate sales driving ideas.

*Three-month membership would normally cost $120, it’s worth thousands!

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