Nintendo’s Wii Sports games have changed the way our society thinks of video games. Games like Wii Bowling and Tennis are highly interactive virtual versions of those real-life sports that can be played anywhere with an open space and a TV screen.

Inviting new and existing customers into your cafe, bar or restaurant for this special in-store event and offering food and beverage specials to players is the perfect way to create a sense of community through your business. In addition to having fun, you can drive traffic and trial outside of your busiest dayparts.


If you have adequate space to play, hosting a Wii Bowling League is a great way to have fun with your customers and increase awareness of your business as “THE place to be on Monday nights.”

Here’s what you need:

  • Wii Gaming Console
  • Multiple Wii Controllers
  • Wii Bowling game (part of the Wii Sports game)
  • Food and drink specials for players
  • Weekly prize for winning team

If you run a burger joint in a college town, offer discounts on finger foods and beverages for the bowling teams: sliders, nachos, and pitchers of beer. If your restaurant caters more to families with children, create a child-friendly happy hour: half-priced chicken tenders and milkshakes. Think about what would make your customers happy to stay and play awhile, and then give them that.

Before you begin, make sure you have staff that are either already knowledgable about how Wii Bowling works, or are ready to learn to be the expert, so that they can help run the weekly event.

We’ve prepared a document with the “recipe” for putting together your Wii Bowling events. Click to immediately download. (Word Document, 131 kb)

To increase awareness of your Wii Bowling League, PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE! Social media is the easiest and quickest way to get the word out. Taking out an ad in your local university or neighborhood newspaper is also a great idea. You can even list it on Patch if you have that in your town or submit a calendar list to local papers. [See Media: Calendar Listings]

Have fun!

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