Do customers place orders at the counter or register at your cafe or restaurant?

If so, having your employees occasionally “wait” on tables is an easy way to shake things up and make customers feel more welcome.


This marketing activity works particularly well if your cafe or restaurant has WIFI and attracts those working remotely or using your space to meet with business colleagues. Chances are, these customers will be in your location for a few hours. Your employees can walk through the café area offering to take an order to prepare another drink or food order for these customers. Your customers will feel taken care of, and might spend more than they would have if they had to get up to place another order.

This is not intended to be an “order something or leave” tactic. You want your customers to feel welcome to stay as long as they want. It is best implemented as a convenience to customers when the store is crowded (due to an art or music event) making it difficult for customers to make their way to the register for another purchase.

Alternately it is helpful when a store is busy (tables/seats full) but customers are not making purchases.

However, this tactic may not be operationally feasible (or desired) in your area, but it can’t hurt to try it out with a few of your regulars and see what the response is!