Showing the teachers of your community that you care about them is a great way to make a local connection.

Remember the schools you outlined in your Community during your Community Assessment in the Step by Step Guide? Reach out to the appropriate contact and see if you can offer donated services or goods to teachers.


Teachers are some of the most hardworking (and sometimes most under-appreciated) members of our communities. In certain school systems, teachers use their own money to create memorable experiences for their students, as their allocated budgets aren’t adequate.  They get to school early, and stay late to ensure that their students have a good day at school every day. Don’t you think they deserve a little treat now and again?

First things first, decide when you want to celebrate the teachers in your community. Do you want to do it once a month? Once a “semester”? You have a few options as to how to celebrate teachers. You can drop of something special for them at school, or invite them into your location for a treat. Decide what works best for your business and for the teachers in your community!

As mentioned above, take a look at the list of schools on your Community Profile. Reach out to the appropriate contact at each school to see if you can stop by and drop off donated goods in the teacher’s lounge on a certain day of the month (or semester). If you own a coffee shop or cafe, gourmet coffee and pastries would be a nice treat. Or, if you run a retail shop or spa, ask about dropping off brochures and an invitation (with a value-added coupon) for teachers to visit your store on a certain day.

National Teacher Appreciation Week and Day in the U.S. is usually early May. Check our Marketing Holidays Calendar for the exact dates.

Whatever your donation, don’t forget to include a personalized thank you note to the teachers, and business cards / menus so they know how and where to find you!