Before your new location opens or if you’re a new manager in your location, take the opportunity to get to know your neighbors!

This “meet ‘n’ greet” tour is a great way to let folks in the community know about your new business, and put a face (your face!) with the name.


Take an afternoon or evening (or several) to tour your neighborhood, introducing yourself to area restaurants, retailers and other businesses. These people will become your customers, so get to know them! Undoubtedly, they will have invaluable tips about busy and slow times, possible sources of traffic, etc.

And, don’t forget to say hello to your neighborhood’s police force and fire department. Have invitations or post cards printed up, and have business cards handy, so you may invite all of your new neighbors to your grand opening event.

As you’re meeting people, ask them if you can add them to your eMail list to keep them up to date on your location, the opening, etc. Be sure people “opt in” and don’t ever put people’s name on your list without their permission. It may feel important to have a long list to mail to, but if it is full of names of people who don’t care to hear from you – the list is worthless.

Even if you’re location has been in the neighborhood for a bit, it’s a great idea to build this into your schedule a few times a year. Plan an in-store event to invite everyone to attend. See In-Store Events for more ideas.

Also see Hello Neighbor Letters.