Host an anniversary party for the community to thank your customers AND build awareness with potential customers.


A store anniversary party is a great excuse to host a re-grand opening.

But don’t make it about “Being Open for X Years.” Instead, focus on the customer with a “Happily Serving Customers for X Years” theme. It’s a subtle, but important difference.

Treat this just like any event. Ensure that it is organized and that you have enough staff to work (and sample/demo) during the event. See In-Store Events: Parties for a details Planning Timeline.

As mentioned in the overview, be sure to make people aware of the event via in-store communication (take-away post cards, poster, flyer, etc.). Make sure your staff mentions it to customers and invites them to join in the fun.

For the event itself, be sure to make people feel welcome. Have live music, balloons, food and drinks. Make it a party you would want to attend.

Regardless of your industry, an anniversary party is a great opportunity for another ribbon cutting, a donation to a charity, or the unveiling of new products or services.


Grand Central Station

While traveling to New York in 2013, we were fortunate enough to arrive at Grand Central Station and take part in their 100th Birthday Celebration! The station featured pricing from 1913 to celebrate the first year they were open to the public, and the full day of festivities included a rededication ceremony, special promotions, speakers and lots of performances. What fun, and a great way to showcase the history of the station!

Slate Wine Bar + Bistro

Slate Wine Bar + Bistro in DC celebrated their 2nd anniversary by hosting a “Wineversary Party.” For just $30, customers were offered unlimited tastings of 8 different styles of wines, plus light appetizers. A great way to celebrate with your customers, and showcase your selection of wines!


bluemercury (an upscale cosmetics and skin care destination) celebrated their 15th Anniversary with special events and offers at each of their locations!

L-AfterAnniversaryParties_091014-fnl 2L-AfterAnniversaryParties_091014-fnl


Photo Source: flickr.com:photos:moneyblognewz:5451597875