Banners are signs that can be displayed outside of your location or inside your location to build awareness of promotions or events.


There are many different types of banners:

  • in-store
  • out-of-store
  • promotional or seasonal
  • branded (usually an outside banner used to draw attention to your location)

Things to Consider

  • Think about where you’ll use the banner: inside or outside? If it will be outdoors for a long period of time (several months), it will need to be sturdier and weatherproof. If you can place it inside a window, you won’t have to worry about the weather.
  • How it will be hung? Do you need a banner stand to keep it sturdy outside or inside? Will you need to fasten the sign to your location and have grommets added?
  • How long you keep the sign up can determine the type of material.
  • Do you want to do promotional banners in your location to promote your new seasonal offerings? If so, it may be worth investing in a nice banner stand. There are banner stands available through many online companies for indoor and outdoor use. (Google “Banner Stands”)

Banner Message & Design

The most important thing about your banner is the message. Make sure it’s…

  • Clear and simple
  • Easy to read
  • Pleasing to look at / visually appealing
  • Communicates your point
  • Drives action by the customer or potential customer.

If you don’t already have a designer you feel comfortable working with on promotional products, consider finding one. They can help you design your banner.

Banner Production

Work with a local sign shop or find an online provider who can provide quality signage at a good value. Ensure you’re printing the right material for the right use.