Sidewalk chalk art is an inexpensive and colorful way to advertise your business’ new menu items, or new products or services to those in your neighborhood.

Important: Before chalking ANYTHING, please check with local municipalities or your landlord about chalking on public / private sidewalks in your city. Some cities consider sidewalk chalk art to be graffiti, and the artist can be arrested.


Sidewalk chalk is temporary, colorful and brings out the artist in us all – what’s not to love? Additionally, it’s a fun and easy way to advertise your business and brighten up your neighborhood!

First things first, check with the city to make sure sidewalk chalking is allowed. We can’t stress this enough. If sidewalk chalking is not allowed, consider getting an A-frame sign to have outside your location. You can update it daily!

Secondly, what do you want to promote? New menu item? A holiday sale or promotion? Special events at your store? Whatever the idea, the art / tagline should be short and sweet. Remember: people will likely read this as they are walking by.

Next, decide where you’ll create your sidewalk art, and when. What high traffic areas are near your business? When are they busiest? Train stations, bus stops, and busy intersections during morning and afternoon commutes are good places to start. Again, check with the city about chalking in these areas.

To get the creative juices flowing, look at ideas online. Check out different fonts to recreate, various color combinations, or just ways to lay out your idea. Simply Googling “chalk calligraphy” will provide you with lots of great ideas. If art isn’t your thing, hire a chalk artist to execute your art concepts.

Lastly, don’t forget to check the forecast! You don’t want your creative idea to be washed away by a sudden downpour.

Have fun!