It’s the start of the new year. Why not have fun with it? Be calendar relevant by playing off the “new year”…$20.15 specials in 2015.

January can be a slow time for many businesses, so whether you’re a restaurant, retailer or gym, use a new year promotion to drive traffic and increase frequency.


As January and February are slow times of year for many, this can be a great way to kick off the year and jump start sales.

What’s Your Offer?

Think about what you can offer at a great price or great package/bundle price to entice customers to come to your business to buy. It may drive them in initially and/or drive them back for repeat visits in month.

Here are some examples…

  • Pizza Special: One regular pizza and two draft beers for $20.14 all month
  • Fine Dining Lunch Special: 3 courses for $20.14
  • Retail Clothing Special: Warm Up in 2013, Sweaters for $20.14
  • Gym Membership Special: $20.13 initiation fee and $20.14 for the first month of membership

Getting the Word Out

Utilize all your in-store (a-frame, posters, table tents, menu boards, menus) and on-line (website, Facebook, Twitter) vehicles to promote the offer.

You can also distribute a Media Advisory to local media for inclusion in any on-line or print articles they are doing.

Attached below is the template for preparing a media advisory. Use the Contact links on local media websites to email this advisory to the proper contacts. Some websites will ask you to fill out an online form to submit information, use the Media Advisory Template to make sure you’re providing all of the relevant information.


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