Does your business display special merchandise or offer new menu items or products for the holiday season? Or, do you deck your store out with holiday lights and decorations? If so, hosting a “holiday unveiling” party could be a fun way to kick off the festive season!


These types of events get your customers into your location and excited about your new merchandise, products or services! Plus, they can help set the wheels in motion for a successful holiday season, encouraging customers to buy new merchandise early on. Most are held well before the Thanksgiving holiday, to ensure customers are in town and not tied up with personal holiday celebrations!

Here are a few great examples to spark your creativity:

The Old Toad in Rochester, NY is partnering with Cleveland, OH-based brewer Great Lakes to celebrate the launch of their Christmas Ale at a special event on Halloween. The perfect way to make this mix-up of holidays work? The party is “Nightmare Before Christmas” themed! The brewery website has a link to all the different “launch” events for this special beer.


Hop Scotch, a children’s boutique in Grand Rapids, MI is taking part in a community-wide event called “Lights Up in East Hills.” Businesses in the district will unveil their holiday window displays, and host customers for special treats, promotions and giveaways! Hop Scotch is offering their customers seasonal soups and baked goods to nibble on, in addition to 10% off of all clothing. They’re evenproviding the supplies needed for kids to get a head start on their letter to Santa!



Homegoods store Red Barn Mercantile in Alexandria, VA is hosting their annual “Holiday Unveil” party on November 7. The event features sweet tweets, a signature cocktail, raffle items and discounts of up to 30% off! The boutique is known for their beautiful paper goods (cards, stationary, etc.) and unique home decor items, and are using the event to kick start the holiday gift-giving season!


Wegmans hosted an event highlighting party-ready appetizers, meals and desserts. Plus, they had team members on hand to answer your holiday hosting questions!



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