In the United States, Election Day is the day set by law for the general election of public officials. It occurs on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November. The earliest it can be is November 2, and the latest it can be is November 8.


Election Day is just as patriotic of a day as Independence Day or Memorial Day, so why not treat it as a holiday to be celebrated with your customers? While presidential election years garner more media attention and frenzy, midterm or local election years are fun to celebrate too! No matter your political affiliation, celebrating everybody’s right to vote is a good thing to do.

Here are a few ways to celebrate Election Day with your customers:

  • Restaurant: Host late-night return-viewing parties with food and drink specials.
  • Restaurant/Bar: Have candidate-themed cocktails.
  • Restaurant/Bar: Offer Happy Hour deals all day for customers wearing their “I Voted” sticker.
  • Quick-Service Restaurant: Offer free chips and queso or other small starter item to customers that come in wearing their “I Voted” sticker.
  • Pizza Place: Any pizzas is $10 when you show your “I Voted” sticker.
  • Car Service: Give riders $5 credit towards their ride to the polls (like Curb, below!). Curb
  • Coffee Shop/Bakery: Give away a free pastry with purchase of a coffee to the first 25 people that come in with “I Voted” stickers.
  • Bakery: Decorate cupcakes with Republican or Democrat colors or symbols for customers to choose from
  • Retail Shop: Give customers a discount on American-made goods when they are wearing their “I Voted” sticker, like specialty cheese shop Cheesetique, below! Cheesetique

Here are some other patriotic days to celebrate with your customers!

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