Partnering with local schools is a great way to integrate your business into your local community and be part of what’s important to your customers. Schools and school programs always need help raising money, so hosting a charity night is an easy way to help out!


During your Community Assessment, you identified schools that are within your trade area. Now’s a great time to pick one of those schools to approach.

To increase connection with your local community (and, for the greatest local impact), we recommend selecting ONE school or program to “adopt” as your own, and partner solely with them. While it is tempting to want to help multiple schools, you’ll have the greatest impact if you concentrate on helping one school or program.

Chipotle regularly hosts fundraisers for various schools or programs within the respective communities where they have locations. By simply designating a certain night to be “ABC School’s Fundraising Night,” they can donate a certain percentage of proceeds from that night to the school in need.


This type of promotion is easy to set up – you just need to get a few logistics in place:

  • What school will you partner with?
  • When will the charity night be?
  • What will the process be for ringing certain sales for the school in need? (i.e. Chipotle requiring the customer to show the flyer)
  • How will you (and the school) promote the charity night?

The best part is, since the school (obviously) wants to raise money for their cause, they’ll advertise the charity night to their parents and community members – driving business straight to your door!

Plus, you’ll gain respect and recognition from your neighbors as being a business that supports local schools. It’s a win-win!

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