If your business is the new kid on the block, distributing fliers is an effective (and inexpensive) way to let people know you’re open for business!  Within residential neighborhoods, you can post “Now Open” flyers in conspicuous, but appropriate, locations such as community billboards within apartment complexes, recreation centers, and community bulletin boards.


In the day of digital advertising and social media, flyers might seem a bit antiquated. However, we always find ourselves looking at the community board at our local coffee shop to see what’s happening in the neighborhood – don’t you?

Keep your flyers simple. No need to go overboard and include every piece of information about you, your business, your history as a company, and your goals for 2014. Remember that people will probably be reading your flyer as they are on the way to doing something else (heading into the gym at the community center), or while they are doing something else (adding cream and sugar to their coffee at the coffee shop).

At a minimum (and possibly maximum) include:

  • The name of your business / your logo
  • Your address (and cross street, as necessary)
  • What services / products you provide
  • Where they can go to learn more (website, social media)
  • A call to action for your customer (why they should come in)

When posting your flyers, remember:

  • Only post where you’re allowed to post – being a law-breaker is not a good first impression of your business.
  • Staple or tape them neatly – use clear tape and / or staple the corners.
  • Make sure they’re really on there – you don’t want them to blow away! Being a litterbug is not a good first impression of your business.
  • You might have to flyer again, if the boards get “refreshed” every week or so.

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