Your store products (and services) represent an expertise. Share that expertise with existing and potential clients through in-store product seminars.


When customers better understand the nuances of your products and services they better understand the value. No matter what your business, there is probably some sort of class – or a series of classes – you can offer to create appreciation, deeper fans, and more loyal customers.

Thought starters include:


  • Wine tasting with your beverage director (“Why We Picked These Wines”)
  • Cooking Class with the Chef
  • Education with a local vendor (or food purveyor)
  • Coffee brewing seminar (“Why Our Coffee is Different”)


  • Picking the perfect holiday gift for everyone on your list
  • Different types of suitcases and why you might need them
  • How to mix and match prints (interior design or personal style)
  • Skin care / make-up seminars
  • Building your wine cellar
  • What you need for your first puppy
  • How to set your table for entertaining


  • Have the products you’re highlighting (or gift cards to come back and purchase those products) packaged and ready. Make their purchase easy, so they can just grab and go!
  • Make the event festive by playing music, offering light refreshments and provide a written take-home guide so that your guests can refer to what they learned.
  • You can even create a special value-added offer for your guests (“Buy one suitcase, get $50 off a second one.”)
  • Make sure to advertise your special seminar across the board (and well in advance!): in-store signage, at the point of sale, online, via social media and even in partnership with other local businesses!