Did you know? A social media post that includes a picture receives 120-180% more engagement from fans than a text-based post. To ensure you take photos that are worthy of a click, share or like, read on for our top 5 tips!


These days, it’s not enough to tell your customers what’s happening in your business. You need to SHOW them what’s happening in your business. New menu item? Snap a pic, add a description, and post it on Facebook. Having fun with your employees “behind the scenes” at your retail shop? Take a picture and Instagram it.

Images won’t only catch the eye of your customer, but they’ll also encourage them to act. Whether they like or share your photo, or visit your location because of the photo, the post will have a far greater reach than if it didn’t include a photo.

As with most things, people prefer aesthetically pleasing photographs. One that makes them stop and think,  “Man, that sub looks delicious,” or, “That special event looks awesome!” Luckily, with so many photo-editing apps available on smartphones, it’s easy to turn an ok photo into a pretty good one. But filters and light-effects aside, let’s review some photography basics:

1. Turn off the auto-flash. Natural light, if available, is always best. It creates a warmer, more natural photo. Imagine that!

The benefits of turning off your auto-flash are obvious.

The benefits of turning off your auto-flash are obvious.


2. Obey the “Rule of Thirds.” This photography “rule” implies that people enjoy looking at photos wherein the subject of the photo is not located in the center of the photo, but rather to the right or the left. When taking (or editing) a photograph, imagine that your screen is divided into thirds (or ninths), and frame your subject to the left or the right of the center of the photograph. Need more tips? This photography blog explains it way better than we ever could!


A stunning example of the rule of thirds, courtesy of EyeEm Blog.

3. Take lots of pictures. Don’t worry about trying to take one perfect photograph. Take lots of photos of your new burger (or whatever it is you want to promote), and then go back through and pick the best one to edit and share with your followers. You don’t want to miss a moment or waste time trying to create the perfect shot.

4. Tell the story. Why are you sharing this picture? Give your customers context – they may have no clue why what you’re sharing is relevant to them. What’s happening in your location that day? Why should they come in and see you?

5. Choose a good background. You want the focus of your photo to be the focus, after all. By showcasing your new fall merchandise on a messy desk, you’re only showing your customers how disorganized you are. You don’t need a professional photography studio to find a great background…use what you have! Exposed brick wall, polished hardwood bar, clean white desk – they’ll all do just fine!

Delicious-looking banana bread, courtesy of Bon Appetit Magazine Instagram (@bonappetitmag)

Delicious-looking banana bread, courtesy of Bon Appetit Magazine Instagram (@bonappetitmag)

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