A great way to drive trial of your services or products is to provide your customers with suggestions of items that match well.

Often by demonstrating (showing, sampling) how well something goes with something else, it can spark a purchase of that additional item, thus driving ticket as well!

Telling someone that cheese pairs well with that wine is nice, but offering a sample of each often makes the sale!


There are so many opportunities to present customers with matching products.

There are two reasons to do this:

  1. Items should be purchased together for a complete package.
  2. Items could be purchased together for a better experience.

Complete Package

If you want to take up SCUBA diving, you can’t only buy a tank. You’ve got to get all the rest of the equipment.

When you buy an espresso machine to make a latte at home – unless it has a built in grinder – you’re going to need to buy ground coffee or a home grinder. You’ll need a steaming pitcher and thermometer.

If you let a customer leave without all the supplies they will be disappointed that they don’t have a complete package.

Better Experience

When someone decides to buy a bottle of wine, instead of buying just “some red,” what if they got one that would taste perfect with what they’re serving?

If someone decides to buy those shoes, you may offer the belt that perfectly compliments them.

More Ideas

  • The rug that goes with the sofa
  • The conditioner that keeps the new hair style looking its best
  • The speakers that go best with the stereo system
  • The lotion that helps maintain the skin treatment
  • The sweet wine that goes best with the dessert