Parks are the centers of carefree fun for many communities. They provide a gathering point for neighbors, friends and family members, and can offer a small corner of nature and serenity in an otherwise developed city.

While many parks are to be maintained by the city or a private organization, there’s not always the time or the budget to keep them looking their best.

That’s where you and your employees come in!


Volunteering with your employees is one of the best things you can do to establish a positive culture within your company. Many millennials entering the workforce consider it important to work somewhere that serves a purpose in the greater community.

You should first gauge interest from your team to see if participating in a Parks Appreciation Day is something that they would be interested in. It’s ok if not everyone wants to do it, and you should never let someone’s participation (or absence) in volunteering effect your evaluation of them as an employee.

Next, contact your local municipality for more information on Parks Appreciation Day. Do they have a date in place? If not, see if they would be interested in starting one! As an advocate for the parks, you could involve other local retailers and restaurants to clean up, spruce up and take care of the parks in your neighborhood.

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