Your location donates time, money, resources, or supplies to help clean up at a local park. This could also include fixing up the park by planting flowers and trees, repairing fences, etc.


Contact your city’s Parks Department and/or visit the website for your town/city to find the proper organizations who may need your support. Parks.com is also a great resource to identify parks.

There are typically annual events for park clean-ups or you could schedule your own working with the park.

You can provide support in donation of:

  • labor (with your employees),
  • with catering (providing refreshments and food for volunteers),
  • with supplies (buy gloves, proper tools, plants, or trees to donate),
  • and/or cash donation.

To maximize your impact, first discuss what the needs are with the organizers.

While donations of any kind are usually appreciated, it is very satisfying to have a team of volunteers – wearing shirts with your company logo on them – donating their time within the community.

You can also get your customers involved.

  • Have your employees talk it up to your customers.
  • Use in-store signage to promote the event and your participation, a counter card or on your Community Board.
  • Send a Calendar Listing to local media inviting the community to participate.

If it will be a big event, also invite media to attend via a Media Advisory.

Photo Source: flickr.com/photos/okano/263748898