If your restaurant, café, spa or retail shop is located in a downtown area, or near various large office buildings, this is a great marketing activity for you.

Many office buildings are home to several companies, and the property management companies can be a great business for you to partner with to get your products and services in front of those companies.


If a large or multi-floor building is home to several companies, you’ll first need to determine who the management company is so that you can contact them. All it takes is a quick online search!

From there, call or send an email explaining that you are a local business, and you would like to partner with them. There are several ways you could work with them…

  • Tenant Thank You: Offer your products / services, as a ‘thank you” to their tenants. This could be by providing food, beverage and / or gift cards for giveaway at a Tenant Appreciation Day or Event they might be doing. They may not have even thought of the idea, so it could be the start of a great partnership.
  • Newsletter: Ask them if they have a newsletter or regular communication to their tenants. Provide information about your location and / or you could make a special offer for their tenants. From there, the management company will probably provide you with some guidelines as to how they regularly communicate with their tenants, and how you can participate. This is great avenue to promote special offers and sales, events and especially details about your Grand Opening or Grand Re-Opening Event.

You could also consider contacting large local companies in your trade area with the same idea.


At Starbucks, we used this tactic when competitors were coming into the trade area. We worked with the local property management companies the local store managers already knew to host a “Morning Coffee Break.” The property management company invited their tenants to drop by the lobby one morning for free coffee and pastries, compliments of their neighborhood Starbucks. Starbucks staff would be there to pour and serve. It was a great way to build loyalty with customers and keep Starbucks top of mind.