Is your business located in a shopping center, mall or other cozy community? If so, we bet you share your customers with restaurants, retail shops and other specialty stores. Giving a small discount to your neighboring businesses can be a good way to build rapport, and to drive traffic on one of your slower days or nights.


Let’s say you run a specialty pet store. You see a steady stream of business from Wednesday-Sunday as people are running their errands for the weekend, but Monday and Tuesday are pretty slow. Your business is located in a shopping center filled with nail salons, coffee shops and other specialty retail shops. Chances are, at least some of the employees at these stores have pets.

Why not encourage these employees to shop with you on Mondays or Tuesdays by offering them a small discount or special promotion? Something as simple as 10-15% off, or a free gift with purchase might encourage them to think of you when they need something for their dog, cat or bird! After all, small business owners are customers, too!

Start by introducing yourself to your neighboring small business owners. Take the time to get to know them, and what their business is all about. Next, stop by with a well-designed flyer outlining your “neighborhood” promotion. Make sure to include:

  • Information about your business
  • Days of the week when the promotion is applicable
  • Any items that are excluded
  • What type of proof of employment is necessary
  • Your personal contact information should they have any questions

The more your neighbors take advantage of your generosity, the more likely they are to spread the word to their customers about your business and how it is the place to go if you need something for your pet. Who knows? They might even offer you a reciprocal discount or promotion at their business.