Are you opening the newest location of an existing franchise or business in town?


Congratulations! If you’re opening a second (or third, or fourth) location of an existing franchise or business in town, that means your business is a welcome (and in-demand!) part of your community.

Take advantage of your “family” locations, and display a counter card (or “tabletop tent”) in the stores closest to your location announcing the opening of your new store.

It also means you have an existing base of customers that want your product! Talk to your regional manager or the owner / operator of the other locations in your city to see about advertising your Grand Opening in their location! Something as simple as a tabletop “tent” or flyer on their community board in the weeks leading up to your opening should do the trick! In return, offer to promote any special events those locations are hosting in the coming weeks.

See the New Store Opening Guide for the comprehensive approach to this topic.