Pose trivia questions for your customers that change on a regular basis.

This creates some additional exchange between customers and employees. It gives customers something to talk about.

This is a way to add fun for your customers. Sometimes we call this a monotony breaker. Just something fun to break up the normal service.


For example, today write a trivia question on a chalk board or menu signage. Post the answer tomorrow.

Make the frequency of the question match up with the frequency of your fairly frequent customers. If you’re a coffee shop, you can probably change the question every day or once per week.

If you’re a grocer, salon or retailer – once per month.

The questions could be from a deck of Trivial Pursuit game cards. Or a fact a day calendar. They could be fact about your company, products or services.

Make it fun.

You could also make it a contest to win a free or discounted product or service for the person who guesses the answer first.

See also Customer Contests for more Customer Engagement ideas.

Photo Source: flickr.com/photos/george_larcher/7013980659