Sending a personalized letter to your local business neighbors about your Grand Opening event is an easy way to build awareness about your new location!

See the New Store Opening Guide for the comprehensive approach to this topic.


Create a personalized letter from the store manager to area merchants located within walking distance of your location. The letter can be handwritten, contain a personal anecdote about your neighborhood, or just be friendly and to the point (“Hi! We just moved in. Come say hi!”). However, the letter should never sound corporate or like a “form” letter. You want your neighbors to know that you are another business owner or manager, just like them, and that your door is always open!

Be sure to include background information about your business, and the time and date of your Grand Opening event. Hand deliver the invitation to make the note even more personal, and to allow your neighbors to put a face (your face!) with your business’ name. However, if time doesn’t permit hand delivering all of the invitations, snail mail works just fine too!

While it may seem strange to target other business owners, building strong positive relationships with other local business owners is a great way to ensure that your “place” in the community. Think about it in terms of being a neighbor in your neighborhood at home. If a new neighbor moves in, makes their presence known, and says hello to everyone, aren’t you more likely to consider that neighbor for plans in the future?

Creating a positive reputation among your peers is a great way to drum up referral business, too! If you’re friendly with your neighbor that runs a coffee shop, and you run a wine shop, don’t you think your coffee shop neighbor would refer their customers to you when they need wine? We think so too!

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