Did you know that used coffee grounds make for an excellent fertilizer? If you own a coffee shop or bakery, why not offer your customers used coffee grounds to take home to improve their gardens?


With their high nitrogen levels, coffee grounds are an excellent fertilizer for small gardens. Additionally, they can help repel slugs and suppress some common fungal infections that can impair the growth of certain plants.

Since your coffee grounds are “waste” to you anyway, why not let someone else put them to good use? You can package them up for customers to take as they wish, or bring the coffee grounds to local botanical gardens to give away.

Package the used grounds differently from your new ground coffee so there’s no mistaking the two, seal with a fun sticker and display by the door or outside with a sign and a little brochure instructing customers how to use the grounds. You can learn more about how to use coffee grounds in a garden here.

Recycling coffee grounds is an easy way to create a little less waste, and interact with your customers in a new way.