Grand Opening Invitations inform potential customers of your new store opening, activities on opening day, and often include a complimentary offer as an incentive to (a) attend the grand opening and (b) sample your products or services.


We recommend printed invitations, although if you have access to email addresses – that can work too!

We prefer printed invitations because they can also double as a coupon or voucher for your event – allowing you to track who attended as a result of the coupon.

If you do offer a free product or service, be sure you set an expiration date for that offer. For example, you may want the coupon to be valid only during time in and around the Grand Opening Event, to drive traffic to the event. If you have multiple locations, you should also make the coupon valid / redeemable only at the new store. Finally, remember to create a code and POS key to track redemption of the coupon at the cash register.

Depending on the number of guests you wish to attract, invitations could range from simple postcards, formal printed invitations, or hand-written invitations.

We recommend you add a “join our email list” option either on the invitation or somewhere during the Grand Opening Event to gather names and email addresses. That way, you can keep the conversation going with your customers after the event is over.

Be sure to include the following information on your invitations:

  • Name of Event
  • Description/Purpose of Event
  • Time, Date, Time of the Party
  • Address with Cross Street
  • Your Name as Host
  • Contact Information – phone / email
  • RSVP Instructions
  • Your Logo

If appropriate, also include:

  • A map, if you’re difficult to find
  • Charity information, if you’re partnering with a charity

Our last piece of advice? Proof read!

Get the word out by distributing your invitations…

  • Distribute invitations to businesses and other places with potential customers as identified in your Trade Area Assessment.
  • Send an eMail invitation to your eMail list and announce the event on your website.
  • Direct mail is a great way to distribute your invitation to the area and your new potential customer base.

See the New Store Opening Guide for the comprehensive approach to this topic.