Employees may decide to collectively donate their tips on a given day to a charity – sending a strong message of support to the chosen nonprofit organization.

See the Charity & Community Give-Back Guide for the comprehensive approach to this topic.


Make sure the organization falls within your charity partner criteria.

See Charity: Selecting a Charity Partner for more details.

Collect tips as you normally do.

Always check your local laws, but these are a few suggestions we have:

  • Ensure each employee is asked if they wish to participate or not. If an employee declines, separate their tips from the total amount to be donated.
  • Do not communicate to customers your intent to donate tips to a charity on the day you plan to do so. Doing so may influence your customers to tip, which may be viewed as a solicitation.
  • If desired, communicate to customers the day after your tips were donated. A sign can read, “Yesterday we donated our tips to ________ charity.”

In the United States, for employees opting to donate tips, (and if your systems are sophisticated enough) adjust the difference between earned and donated tips when reporting tips.