Seasonal events and promotions are a great way to draw repeat customers like Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte.

How can you get your customers excited about the change of seasons? Here are some great Spring ideas you could tweak for other seasons.


Seasonal Brunch Menu

If you regularly serve brunch on the weekends, why not revamp your menu for Spring? A few tweaks could encourage customers to come in and try something new! And, when partnered with a fun event like live music or outdoor seating, it perfectly fits the season!


Seasonal Product Launch

If your wine shop or retail shop receives certain items at certain times of the year (like the Dogfish Head Aprihop Beer below), why not have an event to announce their arrival! Wine/beer shops could do seasonal beer or wine arrivals, specialty retail shops (olive oil or coffee) could announce new ways to use their products (Spring recipes and iced coffee tutorials, respectively) and retail shops could offer a seminar on how to pack for Spring Break (featuring the newest clothes and accessories).

Eataly_NYC 2

Seasonal Partnership

Partner up with seasonally relevant organizations or activities in your community for a special promotion or cross promotion! In the Facebook post below, Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt promotes the arrival of Girl Scout Cookies (a seasonal item) in their shop. Everyone loves Girl Scout Cookies (especially Samoas – yum!) so I’m sure their customers are looking forward to their arrival.


Seasonal Specials

Create a weekly deal for each season! Viva La Crepe is offering their guests $5 Nutella Crepes every Tuesday in Spring! Easy enough, and fun for their customers.


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