Your store products and services represent an expertise. Share that expertise with existing and potential clients through customer seminars.


When customers better understand the nuances of your products and services they better understand the value. No matter what your business, there is probably some sort of class – or a series of classes – you may offer to create appreciation, deeper fans, and more loyal customers.

Thought starters include:


  • Wine Flights/Tasting
  • Cheese Flight/Tasting
  • What is your menu’s specialty? Offer a flight of *that* item with slightly different versions.
  • Chef’s Table – offer a special chef’s table where you provide visibility to what is cooking in the kitchen, as well as more behind-the-scenes to your premium-selected and expertly-prepared items.
  • Cooking Classes with the Chef


  • “How To” guide on selecting the right product (a tie, luggage, laptop, car wax)
  • How to select the proper stereo system
  • How to buy accessories that go with your furniture
  • How to design your kitchen / living room / patio
  • Tips on packing for and traveling to another country


  • Offer light refreshments.
  • Provide a professionally written guide as a take-home reference.
  • Have ready all the items you plan to talk about.
  • Rehearse what you plan to speak about, and create a presentation if appropriate.

See the Making Your Location a Destination Guide for the comprehensive approach to this topic.