Your customers’ experience within your location is dependent upon many factors, but one of the outstanding factors is the people that you hire to greet, serve, and help your customers. At The Container Store, “1 Equals 3” is their hiring philosophy. They know that a great employee is 3x as productive as a good employee, and those great employees hold great tenure within the company – feeling like owners of the company and brand, and treating customers with exceptional service. It’s a win-win!


After years in the retail business, this guiding principle rings very true to us. I thought back to the days when I had to make the schedule for a Saturday – typically the busiest shopping day of the week. I would much rather schedule 2 or 3 experienced and professional team members than 6-8 average team members, even though it left our floor with less coverage. I knew that these “great” people could handle it, and that our customers would receive the service they deserved.

Container Store

 As you think about seasonal hiring or if you need to adjust your hiring procedures in general, consider The Container Store’s hiring philosophy. Surround yourself and your customers with great people, and you can’t lose!

 For more information on The Container Store’s Foundation Principles, please visit: http://standfor.containerstore.com/our-foundation-principles/

See the Customer Experience Guide for the comprehensive approach to this topic.