Are you opening your new business in a vibrant, artistic neighborhood? Is your location in an extremely artistic neighborhood? If so, holding a customer art contest could be a fun way to engage the creative community members in your area!


The customer art contest is a great way to immediately involve the community in making something original that is truly locally relevant.

Via Social Media and Exterior Signage (and in-store signage if you’re already open), let your neighbors know that you are holding a customer art contest in the weeks or months leading up to your opening! Ask them to create artwork to compliment your logo and to be used on merchandise like t-shirts, coffee mugs, or other printed materials specific to your location. The art should reflect what your neighborhood is all about – the people, places, culture and lifestyle.

Before you begin to advertise the contest, work with a legal advisor to ensure you use the proper language to secure the rights to the customer artwork, etc. Additionally, make submission guidelines / rules clear, and make it easy for customers to submit their designs – online or somewhere in person.

To announce the winning design, invite all the artists (and other neighbors, of course) to your Grand Opening Event or a Launch Party to unveil the design and showcase your new merchandise! If the artwork is physical (like a painting or a drawing) vs. digital, another fun idea would be to auction off the original artwork to raise money for your charity partner.

What better way to become a part of your neighborhood than to ask your neighbors to become part of your business?

Photo Source: flickr.com/photos/averagejane/7624350518