Display a large, clear jar full of small objects related to your business either in your store, or in the window of your store. Invite people to guess how many of the objects are in the jar, and the winner gets a prize.

By the way, the bigger the prize… the more people that will participate!

This is a way to add fun for your customers. Sometimes we call this a monotony breaker. Just something fun to break up the normal service.

Additionally, you can use this as a way to build your email/mailing list if you have people opt-in to your mailings.


Existing Location

Provide pieces of ballot paper for people to put their name, email, phone and their guess. Offer a place to check “I would like to join your email list.”

Announce the actual number and the winner’s name at the conclusion of the contest.

For A New Store

Place the jar in the window of your new location. Passers-by can submit their answer by visiting the new store website. This will build excitement; drive traffic and registration. Announce the actual number and the winner’s name at the Grand Opening Event.

See also Customer Contests for more Customer Engagement ideas.

Photo Source: flickr.com/photos/george_larcher/7013980659