Offering catering services to your guests is a great way to drive large ticket sales and expose new potential customers to your location and products. Catering can take many forms…large orders of your food to go, off-site preparation and service, or on-site events at your location.


Catering should be undertaken carefully and planned out to ensure you have all the proper elements required to promote and offer the appropriate service to your customers, whether it’s…

  • Large orders of your food to go
  • Off-site preparation and service
  • On-site events at your location

Catering Offerings

To determine what type of catering you will offer, there are many things to consider.

  • Your Location: Are you a grab-and-go breakfast and lunch place? Or, are you a full-service restaurant with event space?
  • Your Offerings: Do you have a menu conducive to preparing orders in advance so that they can be taken off-site for business meetings and parties? Or, is your food best kept in your location and served hot?
  • Delivery: Will you offer delivery? Will it be free or will there be a charge? What is your delivery zone?
  • On-Site Service: Will you offer staffing for the catered event?

Catering Opportunities

There are many types of catering opportunities.

  • Parties: from birthdays to anniversaries to graduations to bridal showers
  • Business Meetings
  • Community Meetings
  • School Events
  • Thank You Gifts
  • Welcome to the Neighborhood Gifts
  • Banquets / Weddings

Once you’ve decided what kind of catering you’d like to provide, you can plan accordingly using each of our Marketing Activity sections.