When hosting an In-Store Artist Exhibit, it’s a great idea to ‘unveil’ the exhibit with with an Art Opening Event.

This is a great way to turn your store into a destination and is the perfect opportunity to sample and demonstrate new products to potential and existing customers.


Promoting the Event

Have signage, flyers and invitations created to promote the event. Provide the artist with flyers/invitations so they can help promote the event as well.

Check your local weekly events paper – often they will post ads for art events free of charge. Distribute a Calendar Listing.

Invite the media and take photos of the event. (Make sure it is okay with the artist to take photos that may include their artwork.) Distribute a Media Advisory.

Planning the Event

For more details on planning for the event, see In-Store Events: Parties.

Sampling & Demonstrations

At the event, provide sampling, product demonstrations and live music.

We recommend the manager change the artwork on a regular basis (every other month, or once per quarter) to keep the store fresh, and to create another reason to have a party.

Finally, make sure that the store insurance policy covers the artwork in the store for any damage that might occur.