Here, we’re talking about traditional print advertising opportunities. These can range from full-color, full-page ads to simple black and white classified ads.


With so many digital options available, it can seem like print advertising is not worth your time. But, just like any marketing activity – the printed paper may be just the perfect tool to reach your audience.

Your town – no doubt – has a major newspaper that is widely-read. Additionally, you’ll have free entertainment newspapers, and often there are free local newspapers delivered the old-fashioned way to people’s front door steps. There are lots of options for print advertising.

If you have events at your business, consider getting them listed on the community calendar sections or local events pages.

Most, if not all, print publications have an online version of the paper. You may be able obtain discounted pricing for placing an ad both in print and online.

Producing An Ad

Your Message

Your goal may be to simply let potential customers know you exist. As with any message to your customers, keep in mind: Why should they care? What is in it for them?

Best prices? More selection? Fresher ingredients? Express what it is that makes you different and relevant to the customer.


We highly recommend hiring a local designer who not only can design an attractive ad for you, but also understands the sizing and file requirements of the publication. This will make your life easier.

Suggest Ad Types

A few ads that have been our favorite over time…

“Greetings From Manager” Welcome Letter Ad

This is a print ad in the form of a typewritten or hand-written letter to potential customers. In a very conversational tone from the manager, simply introduce the manager by name and personally invite customers in to say “hello.” Express excitement for being in the community. You could also include an invitation for a discount or freebie, i.e. “the first cup of coffee is courtesy of the store manager.” Include a handwritten signature and photo of the manager.

Invitation with Coupon for Complimentary Product Ad

Invite customers to your location. This is especially helpful with a Grand Opening, Grand Re-Opening Event or Anniversary Party. Be sure to include a coupon for a complimentary product.

Hotel Guidebook

If you appeal to out-of-town tourists, consider advertising in hotel guest maps, guidebooks, and city visitor guides. Have your store location included on the map. If possible, include the logo, but make sure it is not too small to be recognized. In a market with many locations, include all locations on the map. The content of these guides is often refreshed monthly.