Become a marketing maestro by learning to use a rock solid process that creates yearlong marketing plans.

Course Requirements:

No pre-requisite.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Those who want a well-planned and strategic year.
  • Those who feel that planning for and meeting goals hasn’t been well structured.
  • Managers who want an edge among other locations in their chain or among competition within the market.

Course Outline:

All the lessons included in this course.

  • Annual Planning
    • Introduction
    • Where We Are
    • Better, Worse, or Same
    • Where We Need To Go
    • A Few More Customers, A Few More Cents
    • How We Will Get There
    • Lever: Drive Traffic & Increase Frequency
    • Lever: Increase Average Spend
    • Lever: Increase Customer Base
    • Lever: Increase Prices
    • Lever: Reduce Costs
    • Planning: Annual Planning Calendar
    • Planning: Fewer, Bigger, Better
    • Be Ready Inside Before Talking Outside
    • Summary & Conclusion

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