Follow these proven ways to increase sales by designing and delivering dynamic promotions that hit the sweet spot of your customers’ wants, needs, and desires.

Course Requirements:

No specific requirements.

Who Is This Course For?

  • When there is a new product or service you are launching.
  • When there is an existing product or service that you want to feature and drive sales.
  • Managers who wants to build a focused consumer promotion around key products.
  • Franchise owner who wants a coordinated effort to promote products or services among all locations.

Course Outline:

All the lessons included in this course.

  • Promotion Planning Guide
    • Welcome
    • Review Goals
    • Assess the Challenge or Ease of Your Goals
    • Determine Strategic Focus, Your Hero
    • Develop Programming
    • Choose Your Theme & Participant Take-Away
    • Select Your Tools
    • Write It Down
    • Get It Created
    • Implementing & Tracking
    • Closing Summary

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