Hiring Philosophy: 1 Great Person = 3 Good People

This past weekend, I was shopping at one of my favorite places on earth, The Container Store. Who doesn’t love organizing? Well, some people probably really don’t like it, but for me – there is [...]

What is Company Culture, and How Do You Find Yours?

Company (or, organizational) culture is defined by Wikipedia as “the behavior of humans who are part of an organization,” and includes “organization values, visions, norms, [...]

Company Culture at its Best

In a previous article, we gave you a little background on company culture: what it is, who it involves, and how to start the process of finding your own! Today, we’re going to share some [...]

Where Do You Find the Right People for the Job?

“To succeed, surround yourself with great talent.” Alright. But where to start? How do you find the right employees for your business? First of all, you need to have a sense of who [...]

The Importance of the Interview Question(s)

In the past, we’ve discussed where to find potential employees and how to attract them with unique and fun company perks. (See articles linked below) Now, we need to talk about the [...]

Hire for Personality, Train for Skill

In hiring, one of the biggest challenges is finding an employee whose personal values and attitude align with the culture and attitude of your company. It’s easy to read a resume, but [...]

Top 5 Ways to Attract Quality Employees

When looking for new employees, it’s easy to get caught up in the prospective employees’ qualifications, skills, and work experience. But it’s important to take time to consider [...]

Company Culture 101

Does your company have a culture? Yes? No? Are you not sure? If you’re not sure, that’s ok! While company (or, organizational) culture is not always promoted, written down, or talked [...]

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