4th of July Promotional Roundup

Small businesses across the country are about to celebrate Independence Day with their customers with unique and fun promotions. Here are some to spark ideas of your own. Serving Those Who Serve [...]

Experience the Competition: More than Curb Deep

In our Trends & Tours Series, we’ve talked about Store Tours and Friending the Competition as ways to keep up with the competition and get ideas for your business. But to really get a [...]

How to Find and Use Industry News

Staying on top of what’s going on in your industry is an important part of being a successful and sustainable small business. Industry news provides insight into trends, new regulations or [...]

The Importance of Employee & Customer Feedback

Customer comment cards. You see them along with your receipt from dinner, or next to the check-out at your favorite spa. Do you ever fill them out? Ever wonder what happens to that card? Does [...]

5 Easy Ways to Spot Trends (Before It’s Too Late)

By the time a trend has gone mainstream, it’s usually on its way out. Here are 5 ways that you can you get ahead of the trends happening in your community and your industry. 1. Read. A lot. [...]

Drive Sales By Understanding Your Competition: Store Tours

How does your business compare to your competition when it comes to customer service? What about your product & service offerings? What about the general appearance of your location? Often we [...]

Father’s Day Promotional Round Up

There are so many ways to show dear old dad that you care this Father’s Day – it’s hard to know where to start! Is good food the way to a dad’s heart? Or, maybe it’s quality time with you. Or, [...]

Father’s Day Promotions Planning

Father’s Day is coming up – how are you planning to celebrate with your customers? Special promotions for dads? Sharing gift ideas to make it easy for moms, kids, and friends? Or, [...]